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Like many other breeders before us, we have always lived with cats, charmed by their manners and their independence; as well as by their elegance and their beauty. 


At first charmed by the Persian, we took a completely different route to devote ourselves to bengals. That’s why I’d like to thank sincerely Jean-Louis Compere (cattery of Sundarbans) for his availability, his advice, his information, which allowed us to enter the world of the Bengal, with the acquisition of Ushu of Sundarbans.

A first litter followed, then a second and it is always with as much pleasure that we devote ourselves to the breeding of our cats and kittens.

My fascination for animals and their behavior does not only expresse itself in the breeding of the bengal but also in the fact that I give it my full-time attention. By studying for a superior programme in sciences of the behavior (ethology), I had the opportunity to study diverse species (carnivores and big cats being my subjects of preference, you might have guessed!) and to acquire a diploma in science of the behavior (http: // www-leec.univ-paris13.fr/formationPro.html). And to offer the best of care, as well to the cheetahs of a wildlife park as to my little cats, I have also trained to become an assistant in animal care.

But the first of my qualifications doubtless remains the pleasure of living with my cats...

Have no fear!! The kittens which you will get are in good hands!!!

Melinda Thomas




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