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chatons bengal


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Some Kittens SOLD (2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016)


LLORONA : femelle BROWN CHARCOAL ROSETTED de Ninja x Illora : SOLD (2016)


chaton bengal  disponible                CHATON BENGAL à vendre



LILLY: Femelle BROWN MARBLE de Hadisse x Balgane : SOLD (2015)




JASPER: Boy SEAL LYNX SPOTTED from Majunga Jenna  x Guru IKI : SOLD (2015)


JABAL: Boy BROWN ROSETTED from Full Moon Leopard x Guru Tambora : SOLD (2014)


INOUI: Boy from Leocats Hadisse x Frombengal house Balgane : SOLD (2013)


ILLORA: Girl from Kapur Buppha x Osirisbengal Hannibal KEEPER (2013)



INAYA : Girl from Full Moon Leopard x Guru Tambora :  SOLD (2013)


IDYLLE : Girl from Full Moon Leopard x Kawalik Eliame : KEEPER (2013)


IMANE : Girl SNOW marble lynx from Southlynn Caramel x From bengal house Balgane : KEEPER (2013)



HALAYA : Girl from Full Moon Leopard x Elixir  : SOLD (2012)



HARWEN : Girl from Full Moon Leopard x Elixir  : SOLD (2012)




Boy marble SNOW LYNX  : SOLD (2012)



Boy Marble  SNOW MINK (HANGOO) : SOLD  (2012)


Kawalik GEMIMA, born november 2011


Kawalik GEMMA, born october 2011



Kawalik GAIA, born october 2011


Kawalik GLEAM, born june 2011




We are a small cattery, a family breeding, that is to say we don’t have many breeders and thus few litters. This voluntary limitation allows us to concentrate in the breeding of kittens, for which we encourage a premature intraspecific socialization (we have other cats which are not bengals) and interspecific (to man, naturally, and also to other pets when it is possible for us). Generally speaking, we try to offer our kittens a large variety of stimulations.
This approach, which eats time and energy, allows us to offer bengal lovers well-balanced, dynamic and sociable cats. Our cats don’t live in a closed world, and we believe that it is better for them and for you.
Consequently, and although the legal date of acquisition is two months after the birth, our kittens will be ready to leave the cattery at 12 weeks of age. You can see them at home, in Burgundy, in France, and naturally in our pictures.
For the kittens sold to foreign countries, the departures are made in 4 months, because of the rabbies injection.
All our animals are sold dewormed, vaccinated, with a microship, and with a 4- generation pedigree as well as with their veterinarian’s health certificate.
Their parents have been tested negative to the FIV/FELV/HCM. If you wish to acquire one of our kittens, a deposit is required. Prices for deposit vary according to the quality of the kitten (pet, breeder/show). All deposits are non-refundable.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.