Kawalik  Bengal

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Hypnotic'Bengal LADAKH


Born March 2015
SEAL SEPIA Spotted tabby

Carrier Melanistic (A/a)



Thanks to  Virginie (Hypnotic'Bengal)  & Sabine (Leopardcats) for this amazing boy !


Parents :

CH WCF et CH TICA Leopardcats Raja of Hypnoticbengal x Arcade Kundun of Hypnoticbengal


male bengal sepia

PKdef normal N/N     

PRA- b : N/PRA- Carrrier - (testé UC Davis)

HCM NEGATIVE  (January 2017)

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From bengal house Balgane


Born July 05, 2011
Brown marble Tricolor tabby
Carry for SNOW LYNX


HCM NEGATIVE AT 5.5 YEARS (January  2017)

PRA- b : N/N        PKdef N/N   

PKD negative

Thank you to Cindy of From bengal house for this amazing boy !!




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Kawalik MANOLO


Born at home  October 31 , 2016
Brown Spotted tabby

Parents : Kawalik LARSEN x Majunga JENNA

Dad HCM négative (21 mois) 01/2017 & Mum HCM négative ( 3 years) 08/2016


PRA- b : N/N        PKdef N/N   




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Born 2010



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