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Kawalik Bengals, breeding bengal in France 

Welcome to Kawalik Bengal !!

The Cattery Kawalik is happpy to welcome you on its website, dedicated to a special breed of cats : THE BENGAL !

Stemming from the cross between two species(Leopard Cat/Prionailurus Bengalensis -a small Asian feline and the domestic cat), the bengal is a special cat, and although its coat is rather wild, it displays a most familiar character.

Our aim is to provide you healthy bengals with a good temperament..our kittens are well socialized !

We strive to produce quality bengals with good type, nice heads and profiles, good contrast, rosetted coats...


We suggest that you discover it, through he history of its genesis but also through the pictures of our cats and kittens.


PRA-b/ PKdef / HCM / FIV/FELV negative Cattery

We ship internationally




Next Litters : may 2018 !!!!







You can view the pictures of our kittens sold.


And contact us for any general or particular question about the bengal or for a reservation..

28-Avr-2018 18:05


Kawalik marble bengal


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